Linenhall Library Writers’ Forum, my oldest’s writing bug and a library turtle poem…

September 27, 2015 0 By Conor

I was telling my kids about a visit with my beloved to the wonderful Linenhall Library, where we heard new writing read by Glenn Patterson and Sinéad Morrissey. 

Glenn’s words were, of course, highly skilled and dripping with talent. A master craftsman. Doing justice to Sinéad’s poetry remains beyond my vocabulary. The best I can do as a newbie to poetry is this: a roller-coaster of sounds, feelings and textures with playful switches of timing and deep journeys into images and characters. 

Glenn and Sinéad were introduced with genuine pride and even excitement by Michael Nolan and Padraig Regan.

The readings had been organised to mark the launch of the latest Writers’ Forum events at Linenhall Library, which are held as “an opportunity for Northern Irish talent to read pieces, both published and non-published, and share their work with an audience”.

The chance to hear Glenn Patterson and Sinéad Morrissey read work with a flavour of how it sounds (and feels) to them was priceless. 

Future events will also feature new writers. Further details from Linenhall Library.

When I told them about the event my girls asked me if we could write a poem too. I’m not a poet, however our attempt is below.

With apologies to Sinéad Morrissey as well as thanks to my beloved, the writers/ hosts and to the Linenhall Library for a truly wonderful evening….

The Writing Bug and the Library Turtles

My oldest has the writing bug, a joy for me to see. Dogs and cats and talking pets, sparked by rows of rainbow-coloured paperback adventures.

My youngest likes to build things for Ninja Turtles and Lego and a cat called Ginger White Love. A beach-house with a Bar-B-Que for Leonardo, roofless rooms for pizza and green plastic shields.

She could build us a library to fill with books and animal epics, happy and messing and surrounded by words of four-legged daring. And a turtle land in Aisle B, Shredder and Krang defeated between the legs of readers in lost vast worlds.