How does your partner inspire you? Here’s my thanks list…

October 28, 2015 0 By Conor

I’ve often called my partner Elle my muse in life. She’s a talented leader in her work and a daily inspiration at home.

Some of the things she has taught me –

Decisions: Heart over head every time. Your head just wants to tell you the odds. There’ll be plenty of time to look back at the odds when you are *old(er).

Prescrastination: Is a waste of time, the single most valuable thing we have.

Growing old: Thanks, but no thanks. The forecast is for dubious decisions, childish adventures and student excess. Permanently. Call it growing *older if you really must.

Work: Do everything with heart, be your own person, integrity always.

Colleagues: If you are a leader, your journey is with your team and their journey is yours too. Lead your people, not processes.

Ambitions: All those things you always wanted to do? If you were waiting for a sign, this is it: >>SIGN<<

Words: Surround yourself with beautiful words. Nina Simone in the car and Tyler Knott Gregson on the bedside table will put any day in context.

Drama: Opinions are the most common things on earth. No one will look back on their death bed with thanks for the time they spent feeding trolls. Online or offline. Delete.

Stuff: Stop buying stupid shit. Stuff is stuff and debt is prison. In the time it takes to buy a ‘live laugh love’ cushion you could have visited an old friend. A beautiful old book or movie can give and be shared for ever.

Even when you are having a tough day, these are the things that you give unknowingly to those around you.

Thank you Elle.