The photo diary of a “hungry” NI patient who kept a record of every hospital meal

January 22, 2016 0 By Conor

Please see a piece on Slugger O’Toole for full details.

A Northern Ireland hospital patient kept a photo diary of every hospital meal she was served during a stay in December 2015.

Her log of the (vegetarian) food provided includes details of main meals she said she found inedible, occasions when food had to be brought in by relatives and ‘no meal provided’ sections where an apparent communication issue between staff led to no vegetarian meal being ordered.

She stated that, although she had been hungry after meals, she did not complain due to lack of energy caused by her medical condition. 

See Slugger O’Toole for more details.

Sunday 6th December 

Breakfast – Rice Krispies, tea and toast

– Vegetable burger (not eaten), reheated frozen vegetables, mashed potato and roast potato (not eaten), yogurt and apple

– No vegetarian meal provided, didn’t eat.

– tea and toast

Monday 7th December

Breakfast – Rice Krispies, tea, toast

– tomato soup + yogurt

– No vegetarian meal provided, offered mashed potato, beans and cheese, with ice cream and jelly, tea

– Tea

Tuesday 8th December

Breakfast – Corn flakes, tea 

– Tomato soup + yogurt *Fruit and potato salad brought in by family

– No vegetarian meal provided, offered beans and chips (declined). Ate ice cream and jelly and cup of tea

– tea *fruit brought in by family

Wednesday 9th December

Breakfast – Corn Flakes, tea 

– Cheese omelette, vegetable soup (not vegetarian – chicken stock)

– Mashed potato, vegetables and onion tart (“I think”), ice cream, jelly, tea

Supper – tea


Thursday 10th December
Breakfast – Rice Krispies, tea 

– pasta and cheese, orange, yogurt

Dinner – vegetarian “kiev” (“potato, flecks of vegetable and gloopy white garlic sauce…ate around the edges”), corn, mash potato and roast potato (not eaten), ice cream, jelly, tea